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Primo Sow Base Mix is designed for the show pig producer that grinds their own feed in a portable grinder mixer or in a local feed mill. It is fortified with all the nutrition that make Primo the gold standard for modern show pig nutrition. Primo Base Mix can be used in both gestation and lactation sow feed at 100 lb per ton of complete feed. Complete diet mixing instructions are below:



Gestation Complete Feed: Mix 100 lb of Primo Feeds Sow Supplement with 1,775 lb ground corn and 125 lb of soybean meal to make 2000 lb of complete feed.


Lactation Complete Feed: Mix 100 lb Primo Feeds Sow Supplement with 1,470 lb of ground corn, 400 lb of soybean meal and 30 lb of fat to make 2,000 lb of complete feed.

Primo Sow Base Mix

  • Primo Feed is committed to making sure your feed is fresh and will guarantee the quality and freshness of each bag.  If you experience a problem please contact our customer service hotline for resolution. 

  • Shipping is available to your loacation for orders of $200 or more of combined feed types ordered. Their is a $80 minimum delivery charge for each delivery.  Price average between $3.00 and $8.00 a bag depending on the value of your order.  Once you place your order our logistics representitve will contact you to arrange delivery to you. We do not offer shipping in all states. Please check to see if we deliver to your area when you place your order. We are setting up quickly to have delivery to your area. 

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